“If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.”John 12:32

SummerSalon14 Theological Forum

1 SummerSalon Introduction 1.pdf – Intro: Forum’s credentials are #2-8

SS14 disclaimer.pdf – Contradictory doctrines require an Acts 17:10-12 search.

Brain Surgery Needed.pdf – Is this what people are doing with their brains?

Revised Purpose of SS14.pdf – What are 7 purposes of attending this teaching forum?

History of PPRS Inc. Research-1.pdf – What has the host foundation researched since 1994?

Applicable Scriptures by ST.pdf – What are some Scriptures basic to this systematic study?

New Statement of Belief.pdf – What is M.J. Greene’s doctrinal faith statement?

2 SummerSalon Bibliology 2.pdf – The study of Bibliology: All study begins with the Word

2 Tim 2:15 PowerPoint.pdf – What is correct handling of Scripture according to Paul?

Chicago Statement.pdf – What is the necessity of interpreting the Bible literally?

Noahic Covenant.pdf – Does Jesus save anyone by use of Noah’s Seven Laws?

Covenants Fruchtenbaum.pdf – What are the 8 divine covenants revealed in the Bible?

Covenants.pdf – What is a summary teaching of 8 biblical covenants?

Dispensation Paper Underlined.pdf – What is incorrect about Progressive Dispensationalism?

PD review by Todd Baker.pdf – How else is Progressive Dispensationalism refuted?

Amy-Jill on JANT.pdf – Why can’t the natural man interpret salvific Scriptures?

Bible Is Not a Myth.pdf – How is the Bible inspired, infallible, and authoritative?

Veracity of NT manuscripts1.pdf – How does Scripture compare to man’s ancient texts?

www.simplythestory.org – How is the Orality movement being used?

3 SummerSalon Theology 3.pdf – Theology Proper studies person and work of triune God.

Child Trinity.pdf – What is a teaching of the Trinity a child can understand?

CWM 6 Sci Post.pdf – What are 7 scientific truths pointing to our Creator God?

Carbon 14 CWM link.pdf – How  does Carbon 14 Dating fail to prove long ages?

Paleomagnetism CWM link.pdf – Why does rock residual magnetism not prove old earth?

Big Bang CWM link.pdf – What’s wrong with Big Bang, old earth, and Red Shift ?

Speed of Light CWM link.pdf – How do speed of light and Red Shift refute long ages?

Young Earth CWM link.pdf – What resource on Genesis creation is suited for laymen?

Thousands, not Billions.pdf – Why are evolution’s long ages no threat to Bible faith?

Rocks Aren’t Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale – Why does the geologic column fail to support evolution?

4 SummerSalon Philosophy 4.pdf – Apply Christian Philosophy with caution! Colosians 2:8

Brain Surgery Needed.pdf – What Are People Doing with Their Brains?  (repeat of 4.)

Disembodied Souls.pdf – How does disembodied internet obfuscate true identity?

Facebook Moral Police.pdf – How online superficiality embraces groupthink ethics!!

http://www.nobts/Faculty/ItoR/Lemke – (Contact / biographical information for Dr. Steve Lemke)

Lemke on bioethics – How does Secular Humanist Society consider end of life?

5 SummerSalon Christology 5.pdf – Does Christology teach a bifurcated Jesus? Is Jesus God?

1 Cor 15 Apologetic 2.pdf – Why and how is the gospel the only way to eternal life?

Names of Christ.pdf – What are 225 names, types, and titles that reveal Christ?

Deity of Chris tDefended.pdf – Do 10 Scriptures refute Christ’s deity?  Geisler says NO.

Christ Jesus is God 2.pdf – How many texts in Bk of John declare Christ is God?  57

Kosher Jesus Review.pdf – Why and how do Jews fail to recognize Jesus is Messiah?

Christology Week3 Db Q 1.pdf – What is essential/central to the Doctrine of Atonement?

Easter Palindrome – How is God’s Story the same —forward or backward?

6 SummerSalon Pneumatology 6.pdf – Does Pneumatology teach strange fire?  Is the H.S. God?

Jesus Only Error.pdf – Are God the Father and the Son incomplete without HS?

HSincontrol.pdf – How is  being ‘in charge’ not same as Spirit controlled?

Holy Spirit Baptism.pdf – Does wet water baptism bring souls into Body in Christ?

MoultononTongues.pdf – Is gibberish/prayer language the biblical gift of tongues?

Got Q on Third Wave.pdf – Why aren’t signs and wonders necessary to evangelize?

Modern Montanism Refuted.pdf – Is charismatic doctrine fresh anointing or heresy rehash?

Holy Spirit of Peace.pdf – What is spiritual well-being, contentment, and peace?

7 SummerSalon Angelology 7.pdf – Can man communicate with angels?   Who is Raphael?

This and That About Angels.pdf – Can man communicate with angels?   Who is Raphael?

8 SummerSalon Hamartiology 8.pdf – Why do we need to study Hamartiology?  What is evil?

Heaven Vacation.pdf – What is the cause of and cure for spiritual deception?

Evil Annotated Bibliography.pdf – Is there any element of this life that is exempt from evil

http://www.iasc-culture.org/THR/archives/Evil/2.2KBibliography.pdf – This is hyperlink for annotated Bibliography on evil.

Lawlessness and Delusion.pdf – How do self-will and self-delusion effect life of church?

9 SummerSalon Israelology 9.pdf – Why is Israelology a separate study? Who is a true Jew

Anti-Semitism and DCT.pdf – Does John Hagee claim Jews are covered without Jesus?

Israel ID and Pauline Doctrine.pdf – Do all theologies correctly teach Bible’s three peoples?

One New Man Cures RT.pdf – Does the church replace Israel?  Who is One New Man?

Jewish Believers during Holocaust.pdf – Were there Jewish believers in Jesus in the Holocaust?

DeYoung on Temple.pdf – Will Israel rebuild the Third Temple on Mount Moriah?

The Jewish State.pdf – What is historical of the forming of the Jewish State?

10 SummerSalon Soteriology 10.pdf – Does Soteriology teach pre-damnation, eternal security?

Grace vs. law Letter size.pdf – Is salvation by grace —or by law —the biblical teaching?

Newell on Grace.pdf – What did W. R.  Newell teach about God’s saving grace?

James RE Law-Grace.pdf – How does James compare (faith) being to (work) doing?

Prince 20 Quotes.pdf – How well do quotes by Joseph Prince teach grace faith?

Can’t keep law.pdf – Do you think you are able to keep the Law?  Think again.

Feldick on law.pdf – How do we understand pre and post application of Law?

So GreatS alvation is Not LS.pdf – How  do misused Bible words claim Lordship Salvation?

Bing Lord Salv. and Bibliog.pdf – What is Charles Bing’s teaching on Lordship Salvation?

Mute Button.pdf – How does Double Predestination mute gospel’s power?

Calvinist Sproul’s Misunderstanding.pdf – How does Sproul describe his lack of assurance of faith?

Sproul on Double Predestination.pdf – How does Sproul defend Reform double predestination?

Geisler UTube 5 Point Calvinism.pdf – How does Geisler teach that he’s not a 5 Point Calvinist?

David Bennett Refutes Calvinismv1.pdf – What does David Bennett teach that refutes Calvinism?

Applied Calvinism.pdf – How does Pauline truth refute Applied Calvinism error?

Larkinon Atonement.pdf – What does Larkin’s chart teach about atoning sacrifice?

A Polemic on Reform vs. Biblical Election.pdf – What do Scripture and theology teach about election?

Inclusivism.pdf – Do these teachers/scholars advocate for universalism?

Lemke Nine Distinctives.pdf – How Dr. Lemke compares Baptist to Presbyterian belief.

Trash Talk.pdf – How does M.J. Greene understand “Whosoever will” ?

11 SummerSalon Ecclesiology 11.pdf – What are some church doctrines taught by Ecclesiology?

Tripartite Being 1.pdf – Is man’s soul tripartite or dipartite? Why does it matter?

McMurtry Triune man.pdf – What does Creationist McMurtry say about man’s soul?

Sinless Perfection 2.pdf – What is the biblical meaning of perfection in Jesus?

Church Music Conflicts 2.pdf – What is church’s history of worship?  What is CCM?

Sherrod Interview- 3.pdf – How does Bible teach we are to serve as Christ served?

http://books.fether.net/index.php?theBook=NIC – First, read the Summary chapter of this extensive work.

http://fether.net/index.php?page=christian-equality-quick-reference/ – Read this before reading the other seven links. Simple questions and truthful answers show how we live in love

http://fether.net/index.php?page=2008/08/22/a-false-dichotomy/ – How is equality necessarily a lack of extremity; a balance of what cannot —by definition —operate by imbalance?

http://fether.net/index.php?page=2008/02/05/straw-man-burning/ – What are some “scholarly” complementarian arguments that are easily exposed for their unbiblical nature?

http://fether.net/index.php?page=the-gospel-according-to-patriarchy/ – What is an over-the-top hyperbolic writing based on 1 Timothy, exposing the shameful error of male privilege?

http://fether.net/index.php?page=2009/05/03/islamanity/ – What are correlates between male privilege & Islam?

http://www.fether.net/index.php?page=2007/12/07/misogynys-war-against-egalitarianism/ – Forum homework: what are the citations that support these quotes?  (Or contact summersalon14@gmail.com)

http://www.fether.net/index.php?page=2009/06/10/female-supremacism-a-parody/ – What is a fair counterbalance to link no. 100?  This parody shows how female privilege is also unscriptural.

12 SummerSalon Eschatology 12.pdf – Is Eschatology more than just news?  What is parousia?

Apostasia by Bigalke.pdf – Why 2 Thess 2:3 apostasia is departure, not apostasy

Alva McClain on Kingdom.pdf – What does McClain teach on evil preceding Kingdom?

Leftovers.pdf – How do HBO and CNN fail to teach prophecy correctly?

Prophecy Chart 5.pdf – What is status of Scriptures fulfilling Jesus’ 2nd Coming?

When Prophecy of Private.pdf – Was Concerned Christians’ Kim Miller a false prophet?

13 SummerSalon Non Biblical 13.pdf – Non-biblical beliefs consist of what?  What is in error?

Own TSS Saviors.pdf – How does new age narcissism embrace self-salvation?

Postmodernism.pdf – How is postmodernism not real threat to vibrant faith?

Endarkment.pdf – How new enlightenment is actually spiritual endarkment

House in the Sky.pdf – How is false light of Lk 11:35 a trap for spiritual seekers?

13a SummerSalon Amer Idol 13a.pdf – Why and how America’s Idols are false gospels of peace

Calvinist Design for Freedom.pdf – What is the Calvinist Foundation of American Freedom?

Diamond diagram designed by A. Mervyn Davies – How Davies’ diagram is application of Calvinist idolatry.

American Gospel.pdf – Why do many try to mix human blood with Jesus’ blood?

Pieta Heresy.pdf – A sacrilegious American flag-draped Pieta cradling Jesus

Objection.pdf – Why normative faith objects to Christian nationalism

Bibleview.pdf – How Bibleview™—not Christian Worldview—is biblical.

People Groups.pdf – Not family→church→state; but Jew, Gentile and ONM

14 SummerSalon Eternity 14.pdf – Eternity: closer than this life and more real than movies.

Final Ghandi Visual.pdf – What is spiritual victory and peace in Christ Jesus alone?

Presenter Bios.pdf – Contact and biography information on Forum presenters

ThankYous.pdf – Thank you to these perosns also….

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This Day in History — August 23 [ SummerSalon14 was presented August 23, 2014 ]

2012 In a letter on a controversy in Germany over circumcision, the President of Israel, Shimon Peres stresses that circumcision is at the core of Jewish identity

2011 5.8 earthquake occurrs in Mineral, VA; Washington Monument and the Washington National Cathedral both suffered damage 2011 Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi is overthrown after the National Transitional Council forces take control of Bab al-Azizia compound during the 2011 Libyan Civil War.

2009 “Tens of thousands of people protest against a new law which gives women equal rights in marriage in Bamako, Mali.”

1996 Osama bin Laden issues message entitled ‘A declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places.’

1993 NY Dow Jones index reaches record high of 3,638.96 points

1990 West Germany and East Germany announce that they will unite on October 3.

1990 “Saddam Hussein appears on Iraqi state television with a number of Western “”guests”” (actually hostages) to try to prevent the Gulf War.”

1979 Iranian army opens offensive against Kurds

1976 Heavy earthquake strikes China, 1,000s die

1975 Communists take over Laos

1973 Intelsat communications satellite launched

1966 Lunar Orbiter 1 takes first photograph of Earth from Moon

1952 The Arab League is formed.

1952 Death of Frederick George Kenyon, 89, British archaeologist and language scholar. Kenyon devoted his life to discovering biblical parallels in ancient Greek papyri, convincing critics that science does not disprove the Bible.

1948 During its Amsterdam Assembly (Aug 22 Sept 4), the newly-formed World Council of Churches officially ratified its Constitution.

1944 Romania liberated from Nazi occupation (National Day 1944-1990)

1942 World War II: Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad.

1940 German Luftwaffe begins night bombing on London

1939 USSR & Germany sign a non-agression pact

1929 “Hebron Massacre: Arab attack of the Jewish community in the British Mandate of Palestine resulted in 133 Jews killed, 67 in Hebron.”

1924 Mars’ closest approach to Earth since 10th century

1921 Faisal I crowned King of Iraq.

1914 Japan declares war on Germany in World War I

1903 6th Zionist Congress, Theodor Herzl declares Jewish state

1866 Treaty of Prague ends Austro-Prussian war

1850 1st national women’s rights convention convenes in Worcester Mass

1839 Hong Kong is taken by British in war with China

1838 “Mt Holyoke Female Seminary (South Hadley, Mass) first graduating class”

1833 Slavery abolished in the British colonies

1784 Eastern Tennessee settlers declare their area an independent state & name it Franklin; a year later the Continental Congress rejects it

1796 African Methodist Episcopal Church incorporated

1555 Calvinists are granted rights in the Netherlands

1572 In France, late this night, Catholic conspirators began massacring thousands of Huguenots (French Protestants), under orders of Catherine de Medici, advisor to her son, Charles IX, King of France.

1305 William Wallace (aka Braveheart) is executed by the English.

79 “Mount Vesuvius begins stirring, on the feast day of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.”