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The Christian Testimony of M. J. Greene

[Note: Christian Testimony testifies that a soul is born again according to John 3:3,5,7. That testimony ought to be transparent, revealing only that which glorifies the One for whom it is a witness. I am identified as a child of the Most High God (Psa. 57:2) not merely because I claim salvation, but because the facts of my transformed life (Rom 12:2) testify to the conditions of a repentant heart (1 Thess 1:9, 2 Pet 3:9) and renewed mind (Eph 4:23), producing a credible witness of justified faith in Christ Jesus alone (Rom 3:21-4:8).


Some others who profess Christ as Savior are nonetheless ashamed to reveal in the light of day the least flattering facts, feelings and failings of their life. Not ashamed to confess my need for the gracious gospel (Rom 1:16), I confess Christ Jesus before men (Matt 10:32, Luke 12:8, Rev 3:5). I pray all reading my Testimony are drawn by the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13), as God draws us to Him with cords of love (Hosea 11:4). First offered for public reading on 6/11/02, my testimony of saving faith has never changed. But over time, with greater knowledge of the Word, Scriptures have been added and others replaced. Some grammar, syntax, and verb tenses have been changed. The endnote and postscript were added in December 2007. This version revised 8/23/15 makes further technical corrections to improve the ease of reading and understanding, remaining true to the facts penned in 2002. In 2015 this is not only a testimony of faith, but also serves as a partial apologetic valuable for any Bible student. ]


I was born in 1948 –one of countless people sharing a birth year with the State of Israel. This key prophetic fulfillment on Israel’s road to eventual redemption has also influenced the path on which the Lord leads me.


An only child born to parents admitting their lack of interest in my arrival, I allowed this painful loss to adversely affect my responsiveness to the Lord’s calling throughout much of my younger life. But mature and responsible believers must acknowledge it is our own unconfessed sin (James 1:13-15), not our parent’s sins, that robs us of peace in this life, and condemns us to hell in the next–if we reject the gospel.


Even though I lived with a series of strangers until kindergarten, I still sensed early in life that Someone strong and loving was ultimately watching over me, providing the security and direction not evidenced in my life circumstances. Many years passed before I began to biblically respond to and fully trust my heavenly Father –since no reference was ever made to the truth of God’s gospel of grace –either by my mother or the series of father figures who passed in and out of my life. Yet one false witness by one step-father’s sister was significant. Even at the tender age of about 6, my spiritual discernment sensed the error of this woman’s enthusiastic effort to lead me in prayer and worship of the god she worshipped. The Latter Day Saint faith she shared did not make any positive impression on me (a clue to my future adult call to apologetics and polemics?) God controls all things, for His glory and our good.


Looking back on my life, I continue to realize I’ve never been out of God’s sight –even before I submitted to the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. As a child, I was often referred to as ‘quiet’ ‘friendly’ but ‘serious.’ After 67 years, this is still generally how I’m perceived. I thank my LORD for His longsuffering patience with me. “He’s still Workin’ on Me” is a praise truth I rightfully claim.


By the time I was in upper grade school my wonder about this awesome God I did not yet know blossomed. Classmates shared with me their religious faith and their family experiences attending church. Several friends were eager to influence me, among them a Roman Catholic, an Episcopalian, a Christian Scientist, a Baptist, and a Pentecostal. Quite a cauldron of confusion for a young girl to sort out! And, as was common for most Gentiles I was not encouraged to investigate the Jewish roots of biblical faith. It is only later in life that I’ve learned the meaning and importance of the Romans 11 grafting in of wild, Gentile branches, to the natural Hebraic root.


As a sixth grader was allowed to walk several blocks to churches alone. (At that time it was not unsafe on a Sunday morning.) I remember wanting so much to ’embrace’ the rituals my Catholic friend tried to teach me. Attending Mass with her was a mysterious experience. But I later learned that experience does not reveal the light and understanding necessary to satisfy the fact of salvation in Jesus’ sacrifice alone. Visiting with these friends at their churches, I remember that the Episcopalian experience seemed less ‘heavy’ than the Catholic rituals, but it also failed to provide the redemptive relationship my soul needed. Attending a few Christian Scientist services, it seemed these were more like secular meetings, not a time of worship. It is only later in life that I understand ‘mind science’ does not present the true God of science (I Tim 6:20). The Baptist memories are not as distinct as the ‘high church’ memories, but recalling the love and fellowship enjoyed with the girl’s family is vivid. Regarding the Pentecostal friend, I don’t remember actually attending any of those services with her, although she continued to attempt to influence my spiritual quest.


So, as a pre-teen in the midst of all this spiritual confusion, I made the ‘comfortable’ decision to attend a Methodist church within walking distance of my home. It appeared to be a ‘safe, middle of the road, one size fits all’ solution to my curiosity and spiritual need. I attended there until I began college, sensing I ‘belonged’ in that church. I eagerly participated in most activities –Sunday school, worship service, choir, youth group, potlucks, craft bazaars, summer camps, and plays. My favorite memories are of worship. During high school when I sang in the Hallelujah Chorus at Christmas, I felt a warm and fuzzy closeness to this God I thought I knew.


The Methodist pastor was stern, displaying character commanding my respect.   At that time in my life, he was one of the few male figures modeling what God expects of men. I received my first Bible from him as I was promoted from junior to senior high Sunday school, inscribing James 4:7-8: “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” (It was several more years before I submitted to the Spirit to act upon those words.}


I was also involved in the Rainbow Girls, a Masonic fellowship. This was a legitimate, safe, character building activity for young girls that fit my continuing ‘quiet, friendly and serious’ personality. The secret rituals, the pleasant spiritual environment, the beautiful, flowing ballroom dresses, the sense of duty to mankind, and the life structure I needed, were abundantly available in this sincere yet soul damning counterfeit spiritual activity.


I progressed through the Rainbow ranks to the highest office, valuing the friendship of the girls with whom I learned to follow and lead. I began to develop my administrative and public speaking skills. With no parental guidance or understanding of the Bible that would expose the false spiritual foundation of this organization, valuable years of my life were lost as I embraced what I thought was truth –not yet understanding the error of noble words and high ideals unless they are rooted and grounded solely in the Truth of the Living Word. The theme of my Worthy Advisor term was “Service is the Fulfillment of Love,” temporarily filling the void in my life.


In the eleventh or twelfth grade, the Holy Spirit brought me to the first spiritually decisive crossroad of my life. As I look back, I believe I must have arrived at my biblical age of personal accountability, a “time and place” at which, every person, if they continue without the benefit of a life regenerated in Christ (Romans, Chap 6), walks in the path of eternal peril. (See Age of Accountability elsewhere.)


At the Methodist church I was presented the Gospel that saves souls. A youth group worker made it very clear one Sunday evening that we must examine the veracity of our walk (2 Cor 13:5) to consider whether we’d truly received Jesus, or whether we were declaring our relationship with God based on a superficial evidence of faith. Paul’s challenge to all who profess faith is not optional.


I do not recall Lucifer’s exact working in my heart and mind to dissuade me from what should have been a healthy sense of fear –a fear of losing all I thought I had gained in my several years of an apparent relationship with God. Yet I do remember hearing, but allowing to pass, the opportunity to publically submit my will to God’s will, witnessing for regeneration in Christ, passing from spiritual death to life. Hence, I did not come forward with others to affirm my identification with Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I continued to think I loved God, to enjoy church activities, and believed I was bound for eternal glory. It is hard to recall now, but I think I remember resisting the wooing of the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51). ‘Quiet, friendly and serious’ rebellion continued, firmly entrenched in my life until age 24.


During those ensuing rebellious years I walked in the ways of the world and began to forget the intangible security of the Lord’s care that had so perfectly kept me. I became more interested in self, and less interested in Christ likeness. According to the world’s standards, it seemed I was on track –pursuing life, liberty and happiness, i.e., ‘finding’ myself. But the greater truth was this: God is longsuffering, that none should suffer in eternal separation from Him. He continued to watch over me as I walked in my own ways. It is nothing short of miraculous that He held back His hand of judgment, waiting for me to die to self before I finally received the Truth of His Word in 1973.


I entered San Diego State College in 1966. And because it was another acceptable, socially-advancing activity, my mother urged me to participate in pan Hellenic rush. The Gnostic and spiritually false rituals of gnos phos bios, (‘knowledge is the light of life’) became version 2.0 of my prior Rainbow Girl service-fulfilling acts of love. The Methodist preacher’s well placed words of James 4:7-8 were replaced in my mind and heart with the carnal, promising pursuits of higher education and socially alluring activities. I remember a particularly ineffective effort to evangelize me by the father of one of my sorority sisters. Staunchly loyal to the Church of Christ, this man, whom I’d never before met, privately took me behind closed doors, almost as if to demonstrate what he was about to do was shameful. (It was.) He opened a Bible, reading a Scripture I cannot recall, and spoke as a legalist, harshly condemning me. I quietly listened as he told me I must then, before him, confess I was a doomed sinner and receive Christ. I politely responded, “I know and love God.” I thanked him for his concern, but refused to follow his lead. In 1986, 13 years after being saved, I briefly met this family again. I was saddened to see the outward, starched and pressed ‘faith’ that overflowed in this family. It did not reflect the true Savior I was growing to know, love and obey. I realized then that all those years earlier my spirit had accurately sensed that while the man used the truthful words of the Bible, his message was that of a Pharisee. [We must humbly reflect only Christ’s righteousness. This is a hard lesson to learn for those of us with strong faith, learning to testify in love.]


After college I traveled in Europe, but felt only a sense of emptiness after visiting nine countries. Increasingly, I reflected a growing sense of having lost my moorings in life. I had studied psychology and was fascinated with the ‘insight’ it gave me as I struggled to understand my life. I had not been out of college very long, however, before I realized psychology and philosophy ask many right questions, yet provide none of the answers an examined life needs, examined by the Light of the Word. The fruit of my dead walk was producing myopic vision, hindering my ability to make sound decisions and walk in the ways of the Only Truth, Christ Jesus. My quiet resistance to the Holy Spirit many years earlier continued to reap what I’d sown.


After college I married a brilliant and hard working engineering student. A Lutheran pastor married us in my in-law’s home. Neither one of us could have claimed salvation, so we were equally yoked, each to an unbeliever, bound for hell. I still lived an eclectic mixture of Methodist, Rainbow and ‘warm and fuzzy’ faith. I wanted to ‘include’ God in the ceremony, acknowledging His ownership of this most sacred human commitment. I asked to have included in the reading, “love believes all things and hopes all things.” The pastor recited all of First Cor. 13. And still, the God who had watched over my vulnerable life as a young child continued to cover me with the shadow of His protective wings. I embarked on this final, rocky road to my day of significant destiny…..the day I met and received Jesus, the risen Lord and Savior.


My heart’s desire had been that I would live and love like Barbra Streisand sang in Funny Girl: ‘Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady.” I was ‘in love with love’, but the thought of finally ‘belonging’ to someone provided only false security. With no siblings, no earthly father, and no significant relationship with my mother to provide wisdom and counsel, I did not see the futility of what quickly became a marriage mockery before God. Confused and intimidated, I thought my relationship with my husband defined authority in my life, even if oppressive. I felt estranged from most of my previous friends and no longer attended regular worship services. Almost from the beginning of the marriage, I found myself in a confused mix of fear and failure. But I kept asking myself, “Doesn’t the Bible teach that God honors and commands marriage? Doesn’t God tell us to be fruitful and multiply? Doesn’t He admonish those married, “until death do you part”?


That was, literally, what may have been my end, physical death at the hands of my husband (and that without the benefit of saving faith!) had I not been brought to my knees before my heavenly Father a few months into my marriage. An outwardly successful man who privately hated much of what others took in stride, this angry Viet Nam veteran could not cope with normal life stresses, displaying extreme violent outbursts. I became the most readily available target for his scorn and rage, always kept under cover from the world, but unleashed at home. For years, I was entirely too naïve and afraid to do anything but submit to the intermittent violence which I passively endured. I came to cringe and cower whenever Jane Fonda appeared on the TV. Her face alone could evoke wrath before the night was over. I am one of millions of women who have either been scarred for life or killed by the men who vow to love us for a lifetime. In His grace and mercy, God preserved me for the greater good He wills in my life. He sustained me to cope over those years, giving me hope in Him.


Less than 3 months into my marriage, a young Catholic neighbor in the adjoining apartment lovingly confronted me with questions that may have saved my physical life. She suffered a sleep disorder that limited her sleep to about 30 minutes a day. Awake so much, she naturally heard things that others who slept soundly may have missed. My privately suffered abuse was now public knowledge. This neighbor knew I needed spiritual and physical help. She attended mass at a nearby cloistered convent where she knew Sister Regina. The neighbor invited me to attend with her.


Sister Regina was like an angel sent directly from God to pluck me out of physical danger. However, in years to come I began to realize God’s ORDER of priority regarding danger. God allows any earthy grief imaginable, if it ultimately works for His greater good –bringing us to Him in spiritual rebirth and growth. I attended mass a few times. The Sister offered her phone number, encouraging me to call her if I ever needed to talk. Just days later, after a particularly violent rage, my husband was relieved of active duty, confined to the base hospital for psychiatric observation. I was alone for two weeks of peace and quiet. I phoned Sister Regina. The Holy Spirit again moved on my life; I was ready to respond to the gospel that saves.


Americans (of sufficient age to remember) can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard of President Kennedy’s assassination, or the Shuttle Challenger explosion. Likewise, we should have vivid recollection of the moment we pass from spiritual death to life. If we are truly blood-bought, born again sons and daughters of the only True God, we do recall that life-changing moment. Those who profess faith must first acknowledge their need for salvation. Are any of us less accountable than the Apostle Paul? Yet, many gloss over the command to examine their claimed faith (2 Cor 13:5). (Even if saved as a child, we ought to rededicate our lives as adults. Many a poor soul has gone to their grave without the assurance of salvation that comes best by an informed, mature understanding of faith.)


I remember the soft light in the afternoon as it filtered through the window blinds of our apartment in February or March of 1973. I remember the placement of the furniture and how I sat, curled up in a chair. I remember the ‘quiet, friendly, serious’ nature of my short phone conversation with this nun. I knew I needed God in my life more than ever before, and I didn’t feel confident to come to Him by myself. I needed someone to witness my surrender to Him. In a non condemning manner Sister Regina listened. I poured out my heart, telling her I was afraid and knew I needed God’s help. She asked me if I’d ever received Jesus’ atoning sacrifice for my sin. She asked if I’d truly surrendered to Him. I had not surrendered. I had been prideful and independent and entirely removed from the many years of truth I’d heard (Rom 10:17) in my younger life. But, Praise God, His Word does not return void if we will hear it! At every moment He is ready to welcome our dying to self and living in Christ.


On that early spring afternoon, this humble woman led me in a simple prayer of confession and faith. She witnessed my confessed need for Jesus Christ as my Savior –believing that He died for me, receiving the atoning work of His substitute death on the cross, He now lived within me and I would live with Him for eternity. That afternoon, the burdens of my life rolled away and I received the manifold joy of walking with the God of the universe, the same God who patiently waited for me to return my life to Him, the life He had preserved from death, many times over. [This aspect of my testimony should not lead the reader to think I affirm Romanist doctrine. I do not. I simply marvel at the varied and often miraculous methods God uses to work His will in our lives. I hope and pray I will see this woman in eternity. She shared with me the pure truth of the only gospel of salvation and Jesus’ undying love for each of us.]


After our new birth, continuing in repentance, God DOES remove the eternal penalty of our prior condemned life, but He DOESN’T necessarily remove the consequences of our previous poor decisions. Fifteen more years of pain and persecution in this marriage produced the fertile ground God used to grow my faith to levels beyond what I could have arranged for myself by seeking an easier ‘garden’ path to follow. Three precious children were born to me during those fifteen years. I thank God for the opportunities He’s given me to share His soul-saving love and grace with each of them. No earthly calling is more fulfilling than parenting the children God gives.


Upon arrival at my husband’s next duty station in San Diego, we were required to report to the Navy Chaplain. This man sincerely but firmly counseled me that he and the psychiatrists recommended divorce from a man now labeled a misogynist and psychopathic maniac. Etched-in-my-memory, I recall pausing before I spoke, offering this quiet, serious response. “I thank you for your concern, but I’ve discovered that God’s love is stronger than any problem I can endure.” 43+ years later I re-affirm this truth, even though unabated loss marks this now-severed relationship. Never admitting to the facts of his adultery, his abuse of us, his alcoholism, prayer continues for this man who has gained for himself the power and public stature he always desired.


Without the benefit of biblically sound leadership God calls husbands/fathers to provide their family, my redeemed walk was slow and disjointed during those early, important faith-building years. Highly interested in the sermons and Bible exposition of many pastors, evangelists and teachers, I caught what good teaching I could on the radio, and now and then on TV. As my husband’s work moved us, my children and I attended Baptist, Christian, Brethren, and Disciples of Christ congregations. Group Bible study was my favorite spiritual activity in addition to attending worship services.


Evangelicals –whether fundamental, Baptist or charismatic –urge frequent altar calls. I remember one significant time in the mid-seventies in San Diego at College Avenue Baptist Church when I came forward to “rededicate’ my life to my LORD. There was no resistance, no inner doubts or shame as I publicly declared my continuing surrender to my Savior. Then, in 1978 our family moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There I began to grow up spiritually –growing out of spiritual infancy into the beginning stages of meaningful study of all God’s truth in His Living Word. I attended Noelridge Baptist Church where much foundational work was accomplished by the Lord through participation in Sunday school, worship service, and other church sponsored programs. Not long after my first visit there, the Pastor expressed concern because I spoke so enthusiastically of my faith and walk with my Savior, BUT I did not speak of my baptism. I had not been water baptized. (This type of ‘confession’ gives baptismal regenerationists a scare!) It was important to him to know why I had not experienced baptism. I told him I really didn’t know why, that I didn’t remember it ever being offered to me before. I told him I had no problem with him baptizing me if that was his counsel. He declared he would feel more comfortable about my walk if I took this step of obedience. “Absolutely!” was my response. My two small daughters watched one Sunday night in 1979 as I again publicly declared my faith, being baptized in the church baptistery. (In 1996 I again reaffirmed my faith as I was immersed in the chilly waters of the Jordan River –the same river where John baptized Jesus.) This aspect of my testimony does not affirm either the doctrine of baptismal regeneration or that faith is qualified by water immersion. Baptism is a symbolic representation of an internal, eternal spiritual reality of salvation. It is not the reality itself. In God’s grace economy, water baptism accommodates man’s circumstance, not the other way around. For instance, a saint living in a handicapped body, incapable of immersion, is not disqualified. That soul is saved, despite their inability to be immersed. Otherwise the thief on the cross would not NOW be in glory, his ‘salvation-minus-immersion’ voiding Jesus’ greater promise to receive him in paradise that day. Also true, performed baptism does not necessarily signifying saving faith, if the one immersed is too young to understand the meaning of faith and witness. Salvation, a spiritual fact, is also rational.


Early in my walk I prayed that God would develop in me the desire to diligently study His Word, to know His truth and be able to discern it from error. Reflecting later on journal note entries, it required eleven more years of patient growth before I could effectively move from only teacher-lead group Bible study to private study. I was a babe for a long time, but I now treasure being able to open any book, chapter and verse to learn directly from God’s storehouse. God placed me in Sunday school classes teaching from Miles J. Stanford’s Principles of Spiritual Growth and Ian Thomas’s If I Perish, I Perish. These teach the fact of Christ living my life as my flesh dies daily. This is the cornerstone of true identity in Him. Continuing to relearn these principles, I share with whomever will listen, my endorsement of life dead in Christ. These teachings reaffirm my first Bible study in a YFC fellowship in 1974. I can still remember the simple stick diagrams of a straight back chair representing the throne of my life –and how my choices either allow the Holy Spirit or my ego to ‘sit’ on the ‘throne’ –reigning in and ruling my life. The Cross life is the life led by the Spirit, and the ego life is a carnal walk (1 Cor 3), led by self. This truth corrects, blesses, and directs my life.


In 1989, God used the witness of a Nazarene pastor’s wife to challenge me to grow to a more mature level of understanding and commitment. She counseled me to embrace the earthly implications of my eternal life now in order to not be devastated by my life’s sorrows. (It is possible to intellectually ‘know’ eternal life is the main ‘benefit’ of our salvation, i.e., realize we’ve escaped hell –and still not truly understand how God intends to shape our eternal life now, on this side of the grave.) When I began to appropriate this truth (studying again the teachings of Miles Stanford on identification) it made the trials of this life so much more bearable. My prayers changed from temporal, ‘now’ thinking to prayer about the eternal realities of all circumstances. This maturing led me to finally elevate my thinking to the point of asking, “Just exactly WHAT is your will for my life, LORD?” And in 1994 He clearly answered my prayer. That year I completed the Bible study, Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. While most chapters were not new territory for me, one chapter was life changing. Blackaby teaches that it is actually simple and freeing to obey God’s “will” by joining Him in His work, rather than looking for Him to bless my work. Succinctly, God’s work is that of redeeming mankind. Many other false agendas labeled as God’s work in the world are the basis for the “ministry” of many Christians who err in their walk. Now able to understand my spiritual gifting is administration and teaching, it is the Person of the Holy Spirit who teaches me how to fulfill my calling. I’ve learned this is key: when we accept who we are in Christ, where He’s leading us, and obey by using the particular gifts He provides us, minus the ‘baggage’ of self imposed will and direction, then —“Where He Leads, I Will Follow” is our theme song. And often, the ‘where’ does not correlate to a change in geography, but a change in attitude or understanding. As we continue to be conformed to Christ, we agree to follow the Good Shepherd. He takes us to spiritual places we cannot find on our own, and just as surely, He leads us away from dangerous spiritual paths we have no way of knowing are dead ends.


Nothing life throws at me ever keeps me down for long, although I regret that I’ve been pretty ‘beat up’ at times by ‘the world, my flesh and the devil’. I know God holds me in the palm of His hand. Just as Betsy ten Boom declared in her last days before dying in a Nazi concentration camp, I believe that “no pit is so deep that He is not deeper still”. I encourage all reading my Testimony to trust Jesus implicitly. A second 15 year marriage failed, but brought into my life two additional children to love, raise, and nurture. They were my responsibility from the time they were 5 and 9. Representing himself to be born-again, having repented of prior sins, this second husband eventually reverted to immoral behavior also. It is my first, strongest, and continuing prayer that all five of my now adult children, their spouses, and children will yield to the Holy Spirit, and in God’s perfect time, publicly confess, affirm, and live out saving faith, growing in grace and holiness.


Every thread of our Christian experience is significant as our gracious and merciful Father continues to weave the tapestry of our lives. I’ve stopped trying to examine my tapestry from the back side, where the knots and bumps and blurred colors don’t reveal the majesty of the work He’s weaving on the front side. I continue to experience miraculous times of maturing as well as humbling chastening and correction, nearly 40 adult years into my walk with Christ Jesus. I identify with the Patriarch Job: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him”.   (Job 13:15)


Postscript: Serving the body of Christ since 1994 and beginning in 2001 offering my biblical research through a 501(c)(3) private foundation, I have additionally had the privilege of studying in seminary starting in 2011. Completing twelve courses at Southern California Seminary with an A average, in 2014 I enrolled at Veritas Evangelical Seminary. If it is the Lord’s will, I hope to complete a Master’s degree in Theology at VES. What is most gratifying in my formal studies is having confirmed that all those years I studied on my own I was never without the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Nearly every false teaching regarding theology and doctrine was presented to me in my independent study, and in every case, those errors were revealed so that my course work in seminary has verified I embraced sound doctrine even before I entered formal education. I strongly resist the continuing opinion that seminary is designed to be an open forum where we must not be too quick to exclude the range of ideas expressed there. On the contrary, the best seminary education is that which holds to Jude 3. We should all be looking for those golden threads that safely lead right back to first century faith and doctrine presented by Paul and expounded in the entire Bible. Apostasy is alive and well in these last hours, not the least of which is evidenced on campus.


Significant is that I do not identify with mainstream women’s ministry. When asked why, I answer that biblically sound research, writing and teaching is sourced nearly 100% to the work of men, the principal leaders in the Body of Christ. And yet, this fact does not justify the false tradition of men (Col. 2:8) of parsing (Roget’s entry 51. Vb) God’s Word into male and female emphases, distinguishing male and female content and learning. (See “14 Essential Truths for the Work of Ministry,” no. 8 at www.pprsinc.com). (Men and women do counsel within their own sex, maintaining biblical separation. This is comfortable and expected by both men and women.) But rather, I’ve (negatively) experienced that men (and women) often believe female ministry should actually be different in content, purpose and presentation from that conducted by and for men, and even families together. I do not find this is Scriptural. Effective women’s ministry should focus on exegesis of the Scriptures in order to equip students to function in the ministry to which each has been called (1 Pet 4:10-11). Sound teaching and publishing for women ought to directly relate to the elucidation of biblical theology and doctrine –not the common psychologized themes of social, motivational, inter-personal and relational issues many authors and speakers determine for women. Sadly, after 43+ adult years of walking with the Lord I find that much of what is encouraged and affirmed for women’s ministry is actually frivolous (2 Tim 3:6) and often in theological error — bypassing much of the meat of the Word (Heb 5:12). While some seminaries and Bible colleges do have women on teaching staff, it is still commonly held that women are not able to be or should not be educated to the level and place of men in mastery and application of Bible truth nor used as acceptable vessels to carry the teaching of God’s Word. If male leadership intends to lead women to fully develop their God ordained potential and skills, they must promote and provide for women what directly relates to ever increasing, systematic knowledge of God’s Word. I work to further that opportunity for all interested students, female and male.


The Lord provides me the resources to conduct my ministry work with the following stated objectives: I research and write on topics relevant to the defense of the faith; recommend credible ministries; and develop materials that teach biblical theology and doctrine. I challenge professing Christians to consider Paul’s admonitions in four areas: 2 Cor 13:5, 2 Tim 2:15, 2 Cor 6:14-18 and Jeremiah 9:23-24 (1 Cor 1:30-31). And most prominent in my life, I pray Maranatha! I look for our soon coming King per 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. Interested readers may contact me at pprsinc@gmail.com; 865-774-7895, or POB 70995 Knoxville, TN 37938.