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The History and Naming of Corrie’s Theological Library

Corrie's Theological Library

Corrie’s Theological Library

Corrie’s Theological Library (CTL) is an approximate 10,000 piece reference library. The reference collection does not circulate. CTL is a study center offering books, media and archived articles. The collection is designed to serve the needs of Bible students and other interested patrons— ranging from those conducting scholarly research to satisfy seminary work, through the Sunday School teacher preparing lessons, to the generally interested patron seeking answers to Bible trivia questions. Database cataloguing offers patrons the ability to search according to topic, author, copyright date, or resource type.

The collection dates back to the late 80’s when Paraclete Press Research Service Inc. founder, M. J. Greene began a serious survey of what was available for home Christian libraries. Dissatisfied with typical Christian bookstore inventory that minimally offers solid Bible truth but instead substitutes with titles by authors peddling psychology, motivational inspiration, self-help, sensational prophecy, politics, and dumbed-down theology— she began a search to determine how to amass a relatively small library that would cover all the subtopics offered by public or institution collections but could be arranged according to systematic theology rather than Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress systems.

Over twenty years of gathering materials from multiple ministries, public and private book sales, used book stores, and specialty vendors produced the core of the collection. The typical practice of building a collection to meet requirements that satisfy human certification or accrediting standards was never a consideration. The CTL collection is clearly a matter of Holy Spirit guided selection. Occasionally a noted work was acquired based on recommendation; one donation of over 350 books was given by a retiring pastor. But over time it became clear when searching potential titles that much of what is in print is not worth the paper on which it is written. It is not overly harsh to state that the majority of “Christian” resources are in fact more reflective of market demand to satisfy “itching ears” than ability to satisfy the mission to “affirm biblical truth and refute spiritual error.” Genuine gems that augment and edify Bible study are generally not found in the mass produced titles that line most book store shelves. Corrie’s Theological Library is unique in its appeal to the weightier matters of God’s revelation to man.

CTL is named after two women. Founder M. J. Greene’s mother was Corrine McMahon. The Lord uses M.J.’s earthly inheritance through her mother to fund the acquisition and maintenance of the Library and for general ministry work. Corrie ten Boom, the well known Holocaust survivor, has for several decades been an encouragement to M.J— reminding her of our heavenly inheritance in Christ. Corrie’s love for God’s chosen people, the Jews, is reflected in the “Israelology” section. Both these women have played key roles in what is now the life work of archivist and librarian, M. J. Greene.

Corrie’s Annex contains 550 titles, with 75% of them under $10.

CORRIE’S LIBRARY Summary List of Collection Holdings.

Inquire with M. J. Greene about the docu-teaching film, “Corrie’s Place Film”.